Ever wondered what to do with that supermarket basil plant once it starts wilting? Fact is, most store-bought basil plants are densely planted in small pots, leading to a short lifespan.

This guide has you covered, revealing how you can repot these herbs, thus giving them room to thrive and grow abundantly. Let’s dive into the world of indoor gardening and turn your green thumb even greener!

Key Takeaways

  • Store bought basil needs repotting. Use small pots, rich soil and clean tools for this job.
  • Split the store basil plant into pieces. Plant each piece in a new pot with fresh soil. Water them just right not to drown them!
  • Supermarket basil plants are packed too tight. They need more space to grow and breathe. Repotting helps give them room and keeps the plant healthy.
  • You can make your basil live longer! Find a sunny spot for it, water when dry and pick off leaves regularly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repotting Supermarket (Grocery Store) Basil

Start by gathering the essential items such as a larger pot, quality soil mix and sharp scissors.

Prepare your potting mix with equal parts of garden soil, compost, and perlite to ensure good drainage.

Carefully separate the densely packed basil plants from each other without damaging the roots.

Transfer each plant into its new pot, ensuring it is well seated in the freshly prepared soil.

Lastly, provide accurate wateringnot too much or too little – for optimal growth; remember that proper care for your repotted basil plays a huge role in its future development.


1. Getting everything ready

First, you need small pots. Get many of them ready. Also, get high-quality soil mix. Make sure the pots have holes for water to go out. Clean tools are important too. So, wash your hands and clean your tools before you start this job.

Now you have everything in place to start repotting!

2. Preparing the potting soil mix

First, you need a good potting soil mix. This type of soil is best for store-bought basil plants. The mix should be full of nutrients because basil plants love rich soil.

Next, put the soil into your small pots. Fill each one up to about half an inch from the top edge. Be sure not to pack it down too tight! Basil likes loose and airy soil where its roots can spread out easily.

basil in a pot on supermarket shelf

3. Splitting and repotting the basil plant

First, get your basil plant from the store. Next, take it out of its pot gently. Be careful not to hurt the roots. Now, split the basil into small parts. Each part should have its own roots and leaves.

Get a new pot ready for each piece you cut off. Fill these pots with good soil mix from the garden shop.

Place one basil piece in each pot. Push it down so that roots are under the soil but leaves stay on top. Lastly, give your potted basils some water but don’t drown them! Done right, this will get you fresh green basil all year round.

4. Watering and care tips

Basil plants need regular watering. But be careful not to soak its roots in wet soil all the time. This could make your basil plant sick and die. Try to keep the soil just moist enough for the plant.

In hot places, you can use mulch around your basil plants. This will help keep water in the soil for a longer time.

Do not forget about feeding your basil plants too! Use light fertilizer on them from time to time.

Did you know this neat trick with basil leaves? Pinching back leaves will make your plant grow better! Also, try planting other types of plants next to your basil. Some plants can help each other grow well together!

Try these care tips and see how happy your store bought basil plants can get!

Why Repotting Basil from the Supermarket is Important

Discover the key reasons why repotting supermarket basil significantly improves its vitality and longevity, from revealing the hidden drawbacks of intensive planting methods used by commercial growers to exploring the undeniable benefits of dividing and thinning for lush growth.

Intrigued? Dive in and learn more about this vital gardening tip!

Benefits of repotting soon after purchase

Repotting store bought basil plants soon after you buy them is great. Doing so helps stop root rot and the plant from dying too soon. It ensures that water drains off well from the soil, which prevents it from getting too wet, a condition often unhealthy for plants.

If done early enough, repotting can also boost growth and help your basil to live longer. New pots filled with high-quality potting mix are good homes for your supermarket basil. They give the plant more room to expand, making it healthier and stronger over time.

Supermarket herbs are planted intensively

Supermarket herbs like basil get packed tight in pots. This is not good for their health. Each plant needs room to grow and breathe. When they are close together, the roots can’t spread out.

They fight for water and food from the soil. Many times, these plants look full and nice at the store but start to die soon after you bring them home. It’s because they need more space than what they got in their tiny pot!

Dividing and thinning the plant for optimal growth

Dividing and thinning your basil plant is a key step. It helps stop root rot and the plant from dying. This process gives each plant more room to grow. You start by splitting the root ball into smaller parts.

Make sure some roots stay with each part.

These steps help store bought basil plants to grow well. They need room for their roots to spread out. They also need easy access to water and food in the soil. Plus, when you divide your basil, you get even more plants! With good care, they will give you fresh basil for cooking all year round.

Tips for Growing Supermarket Basil Successfully

In this section, we’ll delve into helpful tips for nurturing your supermarket basil plant, discover the secret of burying stems for impressive growth, learn how to extend the lifespan of your basil and explore if you can actually grow more herbs from those already living in the pot.

Burying the stems for better growth

Planting basil deeper helps it grow better. Do this by burying the stems in soil. The buried parts of the stem will become roots. More roots mean more water and food for your plant.

This makes the basil grow big and healthy.

For store bought basil, this step is key to success after you repot them from their small supermarket pots. First, pick off the lower leaves on each stem before you plant them in soil.

Then push them deep into fresh potting mix almost all the way up to their top leaves—deep enough so they stay upright even without a stick or stake for support. Keep your potted herbs moist but not too wet and place them where they get plenty of light but out of direct hot sun.

How to make supermarket basil last longer

Keep your store bought basil plants longer by caring for them right. First, make sure that they get a lot of light. They love sunlight. So, place them near a sunny window or under a grow light.

Water the basil when the top inch of soil feels dry but don’t overdo it! Too much water can hurt the roots and kill the plant. Feed your basil every few weeks with plant food to keep it strong and healthy.

Trim or use some leaves often so more will grow back in their place.

Can you plant living herbs from the supermarket?

Yes, you can plant herbs from the supermarket! This is a great way to start your indoor garden. Major supermarkets sell potted herb plants like basil, mint, and parsley. You buy them once and then grow more at home for free.

All you need are things like soil-based potting mix, scissors, and plastic containers. With these tools in hand, store-bought basil becomes your new plant source. Just split up the plant into several pieces.

Each piece will give you a new crop of fresh basil leaves! It’s that easy to turn one plant from the store into many plants in your home.

FAQs – How To Repot Basil From The Supermarket

1. What’s the first step to repot basil from the supermarket?

The first step is to prepare a new pot with good quality, well-draining soil.

2. How much sunlight does a repotted basil plant need?

Basil needs around six hours of sunlight each day for healthy growth.

3. Should I water my basil right after repotting it?

Yes, give it some water right after you place it in the new pot.

4. Can I use any type of soil to repot my supermarket basil?

No, use well-draining and nutrient-rich potting soil for best results.

5. Will my basil die if I forget to water it one day?

Missing one watering won’t kill your basil but try not to make this a habit as regular watering helps ensure healthy growth.

6. How can I ensure my supermarket basil thrives after repotting?

After repotting, place your basil in a location with ample sunlight, such as a kitchen windowsill, and make sure to keep the soil consistently moist. Regular pruning will encourage the basil to become bushier and produce more leaves.

7. Can I propagate new basil plants from a supermarket basil pot?

Yes, you can propagate new basil plants by taking cuttings from your supermarket basil. Snip a few stems, remove the lower leaves, and place them in water until roots develop. Then, plant these cuttings in individual pots with drainage holes to grow several basil plants for free.

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